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A new way to promote, manage, operate and plan community facilities more efficiently to turn lazy spaces into revenue.

All for the good of the Community.

A visually appealing, easy to use mobile first digital marketplace, vennu has all of the facilities needed to connect Hosts and Guests efficiently:
  • Inventory
  • Search
  • Calendar
  • Booking
  • Information
  • Communications
  • Location

It’s easy to get started - here’s how it works


List your space

Hosts simply list venue details and photos and begin to turn idle capacity into revenue.


Guests find your venue

Guests search, request to book and you can confirm the booking to take payment.


vennu pays you

Our secure payment system means you don’t have to worry about getting paid.Guests are charged when confirming their booking and we pay you before the event minus a 3% service fee.

Using vennu Hosts can:
  • Increase utilisation and revenue
  • Improve communications and engagement
  • Expand community connection and accessibility
  • Deliver greater equity of access
  • Discover new demographics and reinvigorate established communities
  • Provide better customer service
  • Realise operational cost savings
  • Create a more sustainable business model
  • Secure greater value from their investments
  • Enhance their security
  • Secure aggregation benefits
  • Support compliance and accountability
  • Move to data-informed decision-making for planning